Jonathan's video games

Welcome to my game development website. This is my personal showcase where I can present the projects I have been working on and talk about my hobby, game development.

I started creating video games in my early youth. Even when I was a little boy, it always fascinated me more to use level editors to create my own worlds rather then playing them games them self. Soon, I taught my self how to program and started making my own games, which gave me the ultimate creative freedom I was dreaming about. What fascinates me most about my hobby, is its enormous diversity. Nearly every computer science problem is in some way relevant (be it 3D graphics, algorithms like path finding, network architectures for multiplayer games, efficient handling of large data sets, etc.) and like ways every form of media (text, image, movie, music) is used in some way. And not to forget working in a team with other enthusiasts, since attempting to create a game entirely on your own makes it even less probable, that you will ever finish. Thus, I am very happy and thankful to have found talented people, some of which have worked for many years with me.

On this side, I collect and present my video game projects. You can download many of them and try them out for yourself, others never quite finished and are only presented with screenshots or videos.

Please also keep in mind, that the primary language of this page is German, so not everything is translated yet. Writing everything twice just takes a lot of time.

Video games

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Der Landvogt

A strategy game in which you must build and manage a small village.



Prototype for an action simulation game featuring giant battle robots.



Prototype for a wild west ego shooter.


Water Breakout

A breakout game in which you must destroy all blocks by bouncing off balls of your paddle.


Der Fischretter

An underwater arcade game in which you must try to collect as many fish as possible while avoiding obstacles.

Destroy the City

An artillery game in which you must destroy all houses which as few shots as possible.



A Sokoban clone in which you must rescue castaways on the ocean.


Henry & Fridolin

A cute jump and run game with Henry, the mouse.