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Harald Hopping Hare

Beating the highscore by climbing an endless growing plant

About the Game

Harald Hoping Hare was originally developed for a one-week game jam organized by the Zfx forum around Easter. I wanted to make a game with a stereotypical Easter look, with fresh spring colors and painted eggs. Since I did not have enough time to build many levels or add a proper story, I decided to make a highscore chase with procedurally generated stages. In my youth I really liked Icy Tower and I thought a very similar concept should work here as well: I cute little bunny (or a hare, to preserve the alliteration in the title ;) ) one day finds a magical plant the never stops growing. The goal of the game is now, to climb it as high as possible and to collect all the eggs on the way on order to gain extra points.

With increasing height, the jumps of course get harder: Leaves (that act as platforms in this game) are smaller, farther apart, and grow in odd angles. The plant will never stop growing, but at some point, the difficulty stops increasing, to ensure that it is always possible to get just a little bit higher. In practice however, a single play-through never takes more than a few minutes, since eventually everyone will commit some fatal mistake.

To make the game more engaging, there are two additional gameplay elements: